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A perfect Bali wedding chapel.

Bali Wedding Chapel

Picture the scene, you stand outside the Bali wedding chapel the sun beats down on the tropical paradise, your face is tanned, you are happy and content. The world is the perfect place; this is your special day. You step out of the chapel with your partner arm in arm to be met by a romantic horse drawn carriage. Your wedding planner smiles as she sees all the hard work of the last week paying off, she measures her success not by the money in the bank, but the size of the smile on your face. You get in the carriage and are whisked off through stunning views of rice fields, volcanoes and breathtaking tropical lagoons. You round the corner now and can see the villa you will be staying in and see the crystal clear ocean and pristine white sand around it. That is what a Chapel wedding Bali is like. There are many fantastic chapels in stunning locations throughout Bali; they are all available through our Bali wedding packages, and cater for traditional Christian weddings.

So apart from a Bali wedding chapel, what other venues are there?

The Bali wedding chapel is of course a favorite choice of venue for many people, however there is a massive selection of different options available. Another very popular choice at the minute is the Villa wedding Bali package, this package allows you the option to have your wedding in the privacy of your own perfect walled villa, or in a location on the grounds of a luxury villa development with tropical reef and endless sea behind you as you say your vows. The best Bali wedding organizer will help you with all the arrangements for this kind of wedding, even though the villa will be secluded and very private.
We also will host weddings on board ships, in luxury 5 star hotel resorts or anywhere you chose to have it. The venue is dependent on your preference, just tell us what you want and we will arrange it for you. A Bali wedding chapel is the traditional venue, but with our extensive range of packages and venues the choice is yours.